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Car tents, jerry cans, tires are oversize
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Hey, these are only suggestions.

So the other day i found a car tent in novaya petrovka and i couldn't place it inside my truck.

i think you should be able to do that so you can actually move it to your camp. correct me if im wrong but there is no containers in the game (beside wearing them) that can hold a car tent.

So you can only carry 1 tire with trucks, that is not either realistic or good. you should be able to carry more than 1 tires with truck.

jerry cans(gasoline cans) are oversized too. they take a lot of inventory on your truck that you can't carrys those when your going to a trip.


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yeah, the size of many items are wrong. look at the truck batterie, it can fit in smaler objects like the ammobox or child-briefcases.

the truck tires has to put in the 2x free slots for tires behind the player-seats.

i hope the ongoing inventory-system will change this.

i do hope to man, i think its not actually in priority that is why they are so careless(i dont mean it a bad way, english is not my original lang and i can't find a better word so bear with me) about it but i guess they should atleass care enough so atleast things fit in minimum of one container that a man can move.