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Many players have a single public character that can hop between first and 1/3pp servers
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JStewart (Bohemia Interactive - administrator) told me "On the public hive there are two types of servers: 1st/3rd person servers and 1st person servers. Player characters are individual for those two types of servers and are thus not shared across those two server types".

This was news to me as I thought it was normal to have just one public character that gets the server hopping delay you would expect when moving between first and 1/3pp servers. So I asked the question on Reddit and the replies were divided into two groups and each group thought their experience was normal.

Those who have the usual two public characters seemed to think it should be reported, I guess it is not what first person players and server renters want happening.


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I made one of my config files read only to prevent DayZ corrupting it. While I mentioned this on Reddit nobody commented on that common practice.

People who have a single public character think it is normal, meaning it has been that way long term for them through previous stable versions.

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A side issue is that on one public first person server I have a unique character which prompted me to report the server as a private server pretending to be public but that server was confirmed to be a normal public server and the ticket was closed. This is the server that I started my first 58 stable character on after playing 58 exp. I don't know what will happen on this server when that unique character dies and has to respawn.

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Hello again coffee,

I don't really see any issues here. There has always been the choice between playing on either "1st/3rd person" or "1st person" servers on the public hive, and it has always been possible to jump between servers with these characters.

Your "1st/3rd person" character on the public hive can be used across all "1st/3rd person" servers on the public hive and your "1st person" character on the public hive can be used across all "1st person" servers on the public hive.

However, the "1st/3rd person" character on the public hive cannot be used on the "1st person" servers, and the "1st person" character cannot be used on the "1st/3rd person" servers.

When your "1st person" character (from the server you mention) dies, you will get the chance to respawn a new character. This character will be a new "1st person" character that you will only be able to use on the "1st person" servers on the public hive.

I hope this clears things up for you. If not, please feel free to let me know.


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I don't have an issue with it for my own sake but it does concern other players. I have an advantage they do not have and I am not supposed to have that advantage.

Where you say- However, the "1st/3rd person" character on the public hive cannot be used on the "1st person" servers, and the "1st person" character cannot be used on the "1st/3rd person" servers.

I say- I dont have two public characters, just one. That one public character is the only option I get. So if that character is in Cherno on a public 1/3pp server then it is also in Cherno on all public servers whether they are first-only or 1/3pp. Apparently that gives me an advantage that most players with two seperate characters dont have, so it is potentially unfair. There are others like me who also have a single public character. We seem to be in a minority but as it is the only option we seem to get, we imagined that was normal but as you say and as most Reddit posters say- it isn't normal.

Try not to be distracted by the side issue that I have a unique character on just one public first person server. That character is NOT a first-only public character, it cannot be taken to any other public server be it first-only or 1/3pp. It is just an oddity that is only of curiousity value. The existence of that unique character does not give me any unfair advantage, it just confuses the issue, try to ignore it. Pretend that character has never existed, then it should start making sense for you.

It does twist your head around trying to make sense of it but some players, apparently a minority, do have just a single public character as I do and we thought it was like that for everyone. But as you say and as most at Reddit say- it is not normal. There are supposed to be two distinct characters for public servers.

I just sent you a friend request via Steam. It could be interesting meeting up on a server and try to see what is going on, since that should not be happening.