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Admin abuse on Public Hive Server
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I was kicked by an admin on "MKdm | UK | All Welcome | No Random Kicks" (

The admin seen me driving down the road in my vehicle, kicked most people from the server including my brother and I, I reconnected to the server to find my Vehicle driving off and my drivers corpse lying by the road.

I emailed the GSP (Vilayer) they confirmed that the admin had been resetting the server upon death.

"Hello Darragh,

Thank you for your report, we have contacted the server owner who was also restarting the server to avoid death and requested that they make changes to their server behavior.

If you have any other queries or issues don't hesitate to get in touch.

Anthony Thorogood (Support Technician)
Vilayer LTD |


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Subject: DayZ Server Admin Abuse
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The server is still running and the admin I suspected of the abuse denies any wrongdoing.

I hope that by reporting this here some steps can be taken to remove this server from public hive, before it harms your games reputation any further.


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see my report also, ID 0027377, which strangly, was added earlier than yours and hasn't been acknowledged yet???

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I spoke to the admin who kicked me and stole my vehicle.

here is a quote from that chat

"kjw: To be fair, whats the worse that can happen? The server re opens under a diff name? Oh know, the horror!"

I noticed the server was dead, I assume they created a new one to avoid any trouble.

clearly this "player" doesn't care for the rules of your game. I suggest a ban.

Hi pwnor,

Good thing then that we keep track of such servers by ip + port and not by the server name. I'll get in touch with the GSP for this server and notify them immediately. They'll be able to take appropriate action after investigating.