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Plate Carrier Vest Graphical Glitch
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If a pistol is placed in a plate carrier, in first person if you look down you can see the gun through the pouch. Also attachments on the pistol flicker.


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Wear plate carrier complete.
Place pistol into vest.
Go into first person.
Look down.
Walk forward.

Gun is visible through vest, and pistol attachments flicker.
CR75 + Pistol Suppressor.

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i can confirm flickering silencer on CR75 in plate carrier vest when looking down in first person - it is visible then invisible depending on where you are currently looking

Can confirm flickering silencer as well, can only see it through the vest when my fists are up. FYI you have to look down with alt not just your mouse.

Tried with a magnum and can see it through the holster as well even when hands down.

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As a rider to this glitch if you are moving at all you can see the gun not matching with the movement of the holster. It is as if the gun is just stuck in the center of my chest. Looks pretty funny. Same will all guns.