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on airfield buildings there is no loot no more!?

and the zombs are gone - ALL of them!?

could please some man in charge tell me what is going on in this game?


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(Zombies Were Removed for .58 Because the AI Files are currently Being rewritten for a "Scary" new Zombie experience in .59)

And There is loot Everywhere if you know where to look, Loot Was Removed from Camo Jails nothing spawns in them anymore.

and loot is Persistent now so if no one takes the items out of Said Spot nothing new will Respawn.

I saw yesterday one infected in East Novo.

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@glockstopper, no there is obviously NOT "loot everywhere" when the main buildings on airfileds dont have ANY, just a pant and a jacket - WTF

man this si totally fucked up, i was til now like "its okay, the game is nice so no matter the bugs" but NOW, when taking away loot from main buildings its so shittey, and removing zombs from a Z game is like removing car from car

man how shittey are they

cant they ad a zomb without deleting all zombs

i dont get it, these dumb suckers of devs, my ass is a better dev

Hold your horses dude. Devs are doing their job properly. It's quite a challenge to rewrite almost whole game code from scratch. If your ass is better dev then why doesn't it write games? Oh i get it.. It's hard to punch keyboard with it.

there is loot Everywhere "if you know Where to look" as i said Before if your not Finding loot try going to the actual loot spots Myshinko tent city Nwaf Tent City, The new Tent city west of Svetlo.... as i said there gear everywhere.