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Private server pretending to be public server.
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DayZ Aussie Hardcore Server - Persistence Enabled


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Hi coffee,

In which regard do you mean?


Coffee added a subscriber: Coffee.May 8 2016, 11:36 PM

It is a shard. If you have an existing public character, this shard starts you as a spawn instead.

When 58 went stable I started what was supposed to be a public character on this "public" server only to find that it could not be used on public servers. The TOS says "public" may not be used in the description of a private server (shard). It is a deception that wastes people's time.

There were other deceptive messages like "server restarts every 10 minutes without warning" and resetting the server to earlier saves. There have been many complaints of server operators keeping people out during 58 stable rollout while they tried to farm weapons into storage ahead of others. It was interesting to see server operators quick to report failure of storage persistence. I kept the complaint simple in order that TOS violation could be determined easily and independently, without a string of accusations and denials.

Just start a character on that "public" server and then try to use it on a genuine public server. It isn't public at all.

Can you double check please? When logging on to that server, my public/1st person character is loaded as intended.

Checked and confirmed, my character on that server is unique to that server. All other public servers have a common character regardless of 1pp or 1/3pp. Also there is no spawning delay when hopping to or from that server. It is private not public for me.

Do you have a link to your Steam profile, and also, do you remember any of the gear that you have on your character for that server?

Then everything is as it should be. The gear you describe for the character being loaded on the server is you "public 1st person" server character.

On the public hive there are two types of servers: 1st/3rd person servers (where you can switch the camera view) and 1st person servers (where the camera is locked in 1st person view). Player characters are individual for those two types of servers and are thus not shared across those two server types.