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Add player made graffiti/tags
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It would be really cool if players could use spray-paint to write on buildings and walls. At least I believe it would be really cool.

One way it could possibly be set up is that in the main menu of the game, where you can change your name, you could also set your character's "tag". The tag could be limited to 4 or 5 keyboard characters maybe, and then in game, if you have spray-paint in hand, you could press a button or select a menu option when interacting with an appropriate surface and you would draw your tag on the surface. Maybe could use some crazy looking font or just sand font but that doesn't matter much.

How it would benefit the game is that it would allow users to have a personalized mark that they could leave behind. Clans or individuals could use the graffiti as a way of marking territory much like gangs do in real life. (Not that I agree with gangs doing that in real life but I could definitely see people using graffiti in a post-apocalyptic world.)

It could be used for warning people to stay away, letting friends know where you are, claiming territory, or just for saying "Hey I've been here!" to anyone who sees it.


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I think it would really add to the base building experience that's being developed if people could mark their own bases or their land around them.

Obviously the graffiti would have to only be able to last for so many hours and/or players could only graffiti so many surfaces (like if a player tags more than 4 spots the oldest ones disappear). Maybe players could only graffiti on the random billboards around the map. It would also cost 10% of the spray-can or something like that. Writing over another players tag could maybe replace theirs and that would be a new way of sticking it to other people in game.

Though this is somewhat like being able to leave notes, I feel this would be cooler because for as far as I can tell, no one leaves notes because no one reads the notes. If you can graffiti a surface and it lasts for some time, it will get seen since it will be much more obvious and in your face.

On a final note, I would love to see more color variants for spray-paint, especially if something like this gets implemented.

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As a graffiti writer i would love to see this ingame.. Gonna mark my territory..