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[Primary Report] Movement Is Heavily Restricted And Slowed With A Pistol In Hand (0.58.129136)
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Ok, technically this has been an issue in Exp and Stable for a "Long" time across many updates. But I was surprised that I couldn't find a Bug tracker report, so I thought I should make one.

When moving with a pistol in hand, movement speed and changing directions in Heavily restricted! Seems to be around 15% slower sprinting with a pistol in hand, than with a huge rifle, from testing myself and friends have done.
And changing directions, running diagonally is slowed even more.

Generally, All movement is dramatically slowed and restricted when holding a pistol.


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Hold a pistol in hand and try sprinting and quickly changing direction.

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Confirmed. Friend running with rifle out, me running with pistol, friend runs considerably faster. If I switch to my rifle or run open-handed, I can keep up.

This has been in the game ever since they changed the running animation and it is really annoying as well as unrealistic. How come you can run faster with a 5kg heavy AKM than with a small light M1911?

Also this applies to all equipement that use the pistols' pick up-animation, eg. pistols, flashlight.