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[Primary Report] CLE Loot Explosion In Some Officer Barracks (Half Barrel Barrack) (0.58.129136)
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Myself and a group of squad mates enter the Officer Barracks (AKA: Half Barrel Barracks/Officers Quarters) at the NWAF just 30 minutes after the new update went live, server was fairly empty, 15/50 I think, and loot was "Everywhere". I mean Crazy amounts.

In "ONE" barrack on One server we found: 3x AK101s + multiple mags, 3/4 AUGs, 2 UMPs + mags, 30+ NATO Mags, Dozens on Vests, 4 Ammo boxes, 2x MP5s, hundreds of round of ammo for all different weapons, pistols, suppressors, dozens of optics.... etc.. Just ridiculous amounts! And... it continued to spawn right before our eyes as we were taking gear, it just kept spawning!


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Hi Euphoria,

Did this happen across several servers, or was it just on one specific server that you were playing?


Hi JStewart,

This occurred on Singapore 01 (Low population), by the time we had swapped to high population UK servers these command barracks had been looted many times already, but still looked like they may have had the same issue, as there were dozens of empty mags and civilian weapons everywhere, like a dozen players had found Military weapons inside and swapped their civilian weapon for it.

Hope this helps,

It seems like we do get more reports on this now that 0.58 transitioned to Stable branch servers. The guys know of the issue with those buildings, so they'll investigate and see what the deal is here. Thanks again!

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It happen on some server but when you pick a loot the loot respawn instantly, please nerf it