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Tents last through restart, but disappear at some point later, less than 24hours after.
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Had a tent down, filled it up with junk to test out stuff on a server, placed about 15 guns next to it, had an old fireplace next to it, went to bed, came back, everything had vanished. also one of the pistols i had on my person i might have dropped was also vanished.


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place a tent, wait? i am attempting this again with another tent i just found, I will report back how long it lasts. i have put exactly 1 30 round .22 mag in it

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There was a bug like this in 0.55 but i think it was resolved? i can't seem to find another report.

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Oh. I also cut down a tree nearby and put a pile of long wooden sticks with the pile of weapons. Perhaps cleanup of all of this on a restart caused this issue. Server had forced 4 hour restarts.

2nd tent is gone. perhaps 2 restarts? doesn't seem so reasonable. I'd like a 14 days timelimit, or maybe.. it stays up as long as the owner doesn't die? i like 14 days after someone interacts with it. maybe there's a problem with the amount of data on servers, but it doesn't seem so hard to keep a tent up if you are keeping track of every item on every server anyway

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Your product version says 0.58 but your game version says stable = 0.57.
Barrels on sloping ground seem to have similar problems in 0.58.
Guessing that the slope of the ground might be a variable that is involved.

Stable is 0.57 at the moment? that's the version I'm on, i thought 0.58 was stable right now. ive only played stable this month