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Places where you can stuck and Objekts
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Fist of all Sorry for my bad english!

In the Experimental and the Stable Version are much places where you can get stuck or there are flying or wrong objects

  • Prison Island (there are 3 Stones if you climb at one and fell down you are trapped and need to kill yourself)
  • The rocks on the mountain between Cherno and Elektro (if you are on the mountain and go on the rocks and slide down you are trapped in stones)
  • A little bit over Elektro is a Container in the Air
  • I saw on the Map very much hay balls they are flooting in the Air
  • In Lumber Mill (Berezino) is a Kiosk behind another Kiosk and you cant get in (this little store near the road)
  • In Novaya Petrovka is a Flying trashcan
  • In Krasnostav is a shed and its cutted by a Metal fence
  • Severograd is in front of the New School this little building (with that much loot) and inside of it is a Car stoper.

Please Developers fix this mapproblems there are much more, i know a building with a flying sign that block a door or Trashcans they are in front of a door.

More Screenshots {F32387} {F32388} {F32389}


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Just added two more screenshots of the shed in Krasnostav that is cutted by a Metal fence