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Make each server separate. A new character on each server, and remove the spawn time, except for a respawn.
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So instead of having one character that your able to go into any server with, make it so you have a different character in every server. Doing this you can remove the wait time if moving to other servers, and keep people from server hopping. The wait times are sometimes unjustified (lag outs, server restarts, failure to connects) and what better way to remove the wait times then with a new character in each server. Keep the respawn times for people respawning. This would also discourage the server hoppers completely as there would be no logical use of jumping to another server. Maybe make a way to show which servers you have characters in, or allow those to immediately go to favorites or even keep the favorites system.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start game.
  2. Open servers.
  3. Go to favorites or look for the server identified as having your character, or start new character in a new server.
  4. Play (no wait time, except for please wait)
Additional Information

No server hopping
No extra script, or wait times.
Start game faster, lessen the load on the game, and no more server hopping.

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If you don't like this, then only play on private shard servers. There are plenty of them out there.