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Chernogorsk devoid of loot
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Chernogorsk seems to be completely devoid of loot, i have literally not found a single piece of loot after checking 20-30 houses, looking under beds etc.

either the CLE is not active, respawning nothing, or there is a major imbalance on loot respawning


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Get off the coast.

I spawned in Cherno on UK-10 (50/50) a couple of hours ago, found loot immediately. Swapped to another UK server to join friends (50/50) again, found loot everywhere again.

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On Aus 01 there is little more than cans spawning around Cherno since 0.58.129052.
It is widespread, the North has better quantities but still poor for testing purposes. NWAF problems have been covered in other posts.
It is unhelpful for testing when even farming tools, fish hooks and animals are rare.It just gives people the runaround and frustrates them into giving up.
Exp is a testing server, so items do need to be available in normal or batter quantities. It is currently little better that when the hive got DDOSd.

note: just because you find loot in the north or somewhere else, does not mean that it respawns

i was on a 50/50 exp server late in the night, chernogorsk was completely empty of spawned loot, as well as the apartments north of it
(again, of course there should be low value/very few loot, but outright nothing is very questionable)

a few tests before also ended up without results, i tried emptying a barn in the absolute north of the map, checked back half an hour later, and nothing has respawned

this is not a "dayZ needs more loot" complain, i am seriously afraid that a version might make it to stable that has no functional respawns

@Euphoria: do you know if that was after a server restart? i was n the same server at about 23:00, and no loot was there