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Loot Explosion in one single building, rest normal
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Found a house in Pavlovo which had an enormous "loot explosion", meaning that there were over 100 items in it.

Location: Pavlovo
Coordinates: 017/115 on
server: i think it was UK-02 Experimental

Found it after looting chernogorsk, chapaevsk, balota, komarovo, and kamenka, in those towns the items seemed well-distributed.



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Joined an experimental server, i think it was UK-02, 40-50 players on it.
  1. Started looting several towns (see description), went to Pavlovo
  1. entered the building.

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Can confirm. Same building in Pavlovo but on the first iteration of 0.58.

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Yes, true. I can confirm that. I have been there a few times on different servers and there is always a loot explosion.

Added a snapshot where its located on the map.