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Eating Glitch
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I really wish I could just keep this stuff to myself and have the advantage over everyone else, but I believe in this game and I'd rather make the game better than be greedy.

I can eat and/or use items one after another without waiting for a timer or animation.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. stand <- only works standing
  2. hold down w for walking
  3. with your free finger, hit tab for inventory while holding w still
  4. while holding w, right click on an item and use it
  5. first one will do it's full time, but then do it to another of the same type
  6. go from starving to healing
Additional Information

I tell you, using the apple glitch I submitted to get a bag full of apples and then this glitch makes surviving a bunch easier. I just find a bag, glitch some apples, then eat all 14+ of them, and boom, I'm light green. No need to carry any apples or food, as I can just do this to another apple tree anywhere. It's unbalanced...and I don't want this glitch public or everyone is going to be doing it.

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The w key seems to keep my right hand stuck or something. This works on zucchini and fish too btw. Anything with drink all or eat all. I think it just cuts the animation for anything. I use it for fast eating, but I wonder if I could do something that takes a serious amount of time...

I'd really like to see this fixed someday.

The glitch is really simple. People are calling it's cruder form the Apple Glitch. You hold down w or s, and hit f for the first animation...then when it is done, you keep holding down w or s and spam f for multiple attempts and the animation is stuck, so you get multiple attempts in seconds. Works with cutting branches, gathering apples, drinking water from bottles, eating from cans, eating apples, and just about everything.