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Base Building Containers Being Deleted By Server
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Over the past 48 hours I have conducted this test twice on Experimental Server US Northeast 0-01. Placed tents, barrels and backpacks are being deleted during normal server operation (not due to a server restart). I tested barrels containing items on flat surfaces, angled surfaces, colliding with vegetation, and placed out in the open. 3 Backpacks as well as a civilian tent containing items were in the same general location. All seem to delete themselves during normal server operation (suspected cleanup). Vehicles appear not be affected by this issue. Although possible that all of these items were picked up by passing players without leaving any sort of litter or trace, the server population and location where the test was carried out (deep woods) suggests otherwise.


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Placed container items seem to disappear 10 hours after being placed. One test confirmed item deletion 25 minutes after last interaction and 10 hours after initial placement.

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Tents and barrels have been ok so far on Aus/US server 02.