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Glowplug seems to have dedicated spot, but becomes invisible and irretrievable once added to the V3S
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If you put a plug in the 70 spot inventory, the truck won't run. If you add it to the grey bar as you do the battery, it disappears from view. The truck runs, but you can no longer see or remove the glow plug.


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Add glow plug where batteries currently sit.

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Same here, confirmed

Burlap added a subscriber: Burlap.May 8 2016, 11:22 PM

I had the bug myself, but the next day (today) I could see them again, while my friend could not. He doesn't see them even after relogging, while I see them consistently now.

He can insert glow plugs and they disappear for him, I can retrieve them for him. Seems to be character related somehow.

I have had this same issue, along with four other people playing on the same server with me.

Burlap, interesting. I've only played on SC02. Was this all on the same server?

Have confirmed that you cannot add a second glowplug. So apparently it's an issue with it simply being invisible to some users. Have heard reports of multiple people on the same server looking at the same truck: some can see it, some can't.