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Can barely move when i log into a server
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Since a few days ago when I log into a server, the connection is so bad I can't even move my character. looking around seems to be okay, but actually moving my character freezes the game for a little bit then after a while my character will slide to where I was trying to go. I can see that I am losing connection as well. I know the connection part is not on my end though. I recently when over 1,000 hrs and have never had this problem before until tues (I believe I saw a battleye update that day)


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I've never filed a report like this before, but anything to help me get back to surviving on my favorite game ever would be greatly appreciated.

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Having the exact same issue here

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I know people probably have already run scan after scan, but when I got an email back from BI Support, he suggested

I figured it wasn't going to work but gave it a shot and it removed a ton of shit, I didn't even know I had. Old Malware from back when I used Firefox (ugh). Loaded up DayZ after a restart and bam, worked fine again. Worth a shot you guys.

I just tried that and unfortunately it did not work for me