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Unknown Game Version/Session Lost
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Playing on 0.58 exp servers for several hours with no issues at all. Log off server and several minutes later go to log back into the same server only to receive "Unknown Game Version" error followed by a kick off the server. Have attempted multiple times to rejoin the same server as well as other alternate servers (1st/3rd and 1st only) - but still receive same error. Made sure that firewall/antivirus was not blocking any DayZ or BattleEye processes - still same problem. Verified integrity of game - problem still persists. Deleted BattleEye folder from Dayz local files and re-downloaded/re-verified the game to replace BattleEye files (to ensure I did in fact have up-to-date files) - problem still persists.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Play on 0.58 exp servers
-Log out for several minutes
-Log in (error received)
-Perform aforementioned (description) steps (i.e. validate files, re-install battleye, etc)
-Attempt log-in again (to same or different exp servers)

Additional Information

This is the first time this error has ever occurred for myself (no change in firewall/anitvirus settings, no change in computer hardware/software).

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yep, it's since 2 am CET.


Sorry to hear about your trouble. Could you try out the following steps, please? Please be aware though; you might have to reinstall your other Steam games afterwards:

  1. Move the entire "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder to your desktop. Your "SteamApps" folder should now be at the following location: "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\SteamApps".
  2. Move the "DayZ" folder out of the "C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\SteamApps\common" folder and subsequently delete the "DayZ" folder.
  3. Uninstall Steam while making sure the "SteamApps" folder is still on your desktop.
  4. Install a new version of Steam.
  5. Go to the new "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder.
  6. Move everything inside the old "SteamApps" folder on your desktop to the new "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps" folder.
  7. Install DayZ again.

In case this does not solve your problem either, I can have a look at your account in the character database if you send me a link for your Steam Profile ID.