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Sheds with grass
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I don't know why it does this, but I used to notice it when I'd have a full inventory and cut burlap into strips...they would disappear. Well, after a while of things I set down disappearing, I found a pair of pants I wanted in the shed this time and put them on. I was able to grab 1 item from my black jeans before they disappeared. I went behind the shed, went everywhere I had been, but they were gone. I don't know why, and I've only tested in the red sheds with grass under it, but things disappear completely when laid down.


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Put down anything inside the shed in the grassy area of the floor. Boom gone. May affect multiple sheds or even perhaps other structures with grass?

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I will test further.

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I figured this one out a bit. Sometimes when I drop things, it goes through the floor...happens on large building...if I go 2 floors down, I get my item sometimes..weird that I can drop something below my feet or under another object...