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Spawning in areas near death
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Hello devs,
we had it so many many many times, if you Play in a Team and you die, you have to kill yourself again and again and agin to spawn near you died.
For example if you die in electro and you spawn so often near the fabric that you can jump on 3 of your own death bodies, this is terrible.
Also if you run 30min back to your Team and die near of the City. Again 30min running is very unfunny for a game.
We have not so many time to spend so much of our game-play-time that we only run over the map to the rest of our Team of have to kill ourselfs 10 time again and again.

Better for example: If you die in electro the spawn-points at the mountain near electro and cherno up to the spawnpoint kamivobo is also okay. Larger distance then his is for playing very unfunny. {F32240}


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-Play with your Team
-Die and use the spawn-system
-Destroy your own death bodies were you kill yourself

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This completely goes against the core characteristics of the game. You're not supposed to go back for your body, you're supposed to start over new after dying. If anything, I think that spawning near one's recent place of death should be blocked. But preferably it would just stay as the random spawn system we have now.

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but i wanna Play with my freinds, not hours alone.
And, i could upload a Picture where i spawn again and again on the same Position. For fun i punsh my own death bodies on the ground (3 on one place) not never spawn where i was killed.
I don't know how many time you and your friends have to run 1 hour over the map to your friends. But we would like to Play together. And from kamivobo to Electro, it is enough time to loot my killed bodie, hide or despawn (if it's not clear, this distance is okay. Fabric over and over not).
But if we Play for example in electro and i spawn 5 times on the fabric or svetlojask, this is unfunny and Needs to much time.

You missed the point of what I said. DayZ is not supposed to be an easy squad-up-and-PvP-spawn-with-your-friends-just-respawn-if-you-die kind of game. It's a simulator. What would happen if you died in real life with your friends? You're gone. You're not just going to respawn and run to regroup with them. If you want to just get a close respawn and get your gear back easily then there are other games.

Just my two cents here but perhaps this could/should be a server setup option?

That is:

Option 1) Random Spawn (anywhere on the map)
Option 2) Spawn Away (outside X radius of last death)
Option 3) Spawn Near (spawn within X radius of last death)
Option 4) No Re-Spawn (when you are dead you are dead, wait X hours).
Option 5) etc., etc., etc. ...

I'm still a noob at all the intricacies of DayZ so take this for whats it's worth ;)

my most Problem is: Your oppoents run unrealistic with there guns ibnside the gun fire. In real they run away. So they kill you.
Also in real you are 24hours in this Situation and not only 2 hours.
And, do not Forget: It is a game.
It is not nessesary to spawen in electro if you die there but not on the other side of the map

I agree with OnionOfSHame and I love DiGiaComTech's idea to make this server dependent. Maybe you could also meet your friends half way in a different town so it wont take so long to meet them. Or get a truck and have one pick you up. We all want to play with our friends but just running and gunning in Elektro is not the point of this game. Not to be one of these people, but maybe you should play CoD instead.

I think we have to wait spawn location team system

where u can chose the spawn location

after i look a Long time in the server-logs and talk to other server-admin, we all (server-admins) say: this is not a survival game like to told.
I think you don't know this logs.
You see death in seconds on full Server.
There is realy no minutes where nobody gets killed or shotten.
And i see how many peaple kill themself.

DayZ is a multi-Player game. So you Play with your friends.
If you run all the time alone on empty Server, ok. But if you Play with friends on full Server, please, watch the logs.

This shit would definitely destroy the game.
Right now you care about your deaths, but if you know you spawn near your death location anyway, it's not that bad to die anymore.
Please don't ruin the game with that.
And it IS a survival game. The majority of the community is just bullshit and kills everyone on sight. This is why there is no minute without deaths.
I hope Bohemia is not that stupid and implements this one here.

omg, ok okay... i don't know why you have so many Panic to spawn near of 3km of your death.
From Electro to Kamyshovo is 2,3km.
From the middle of the NW-Airfield with a radius of 3km could be Pustoshka.
If you run the next time this distance you see, there is no CoD or anythink else.
No one is talking of 400m like to under ask me.

Run the next time 3km, you will see that is a far distance.

From electro to Svetlojask is 12km (air-line). In real you run more.
From Cherno to the SW-Airfield is 1,6km.

I don't see your Problem with a distance of 2,5km to 3km radius.

Btw: In the past we had a more clother distance spawn System and no one had Problems with it. No one where here and ask for more distance. So it is no new please.