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Give us an option to toggle off constant vignette from settings. (Currently only Pause/Break key toggles it on/off)
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For many it's just an ugly effect that doesn't give anything to the game. Maybe some people like that but I believe that's rare. Those darkened borders aren't even needed because they don't relate at all with any PP effect. You can add Arma 3 stamina style vignette indicator without that constant vignette. The same problem is with Arma 3.

It's nice that we even have that key (likely very few even know that and I know that only because I remember it from Arma 3 alpha/beta times) but video option in-game or in .cfg/profile file would be very much welcome. {F32234} {F32235} {F32236}


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Toggle it on/off with Pause key (or Break or ScrLK not 100% sure on all keyboards) and see how the whole effect isn't even needed and makes the screen edges/corners look worse unless you're some kind of a fan of vignette effect.

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The vignette effect is a matter of taste. Personally I like it, but I van understand disliking it. I agree that there should be a way to disable it.

I uploaded three pictures that should show everyone what effect the vignette has in your screen. You can toggle that on/off but you need to toggle it off every time you get in a server. It annoys me to see those lines in my screen because they're ugly. That vignette doesn't do anything else in the game other than what you see in those screens.

You need to watch the pics in full screen. If you can't see them well then you need darker background. They're more obvious when playing the game than in those screens.