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Character constantly overheating
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Hi Guys, I've been playing EXP 0.58 for a while now and thought i'd start logging some of the bugs ive found. This one is to do with character temperature. I'm finding it very difficult to manage my characters temperature and it appears to always be red lining to "Im overheating". Ive tried taking off clothes and sitting in water to cool off but it dosent seem to have much affect. Ive tried re-logging to see if its a status glitch but its not. My character soon becomes hyperthermic and i have to lay down for ages to get back to overheating just to stay alive. I like the fact you heat up quickly as it stops people just sprinting everywhere but it maybe needs to be turned down a notch.
PS - Might also be good if at nightime the temp dropped drastically so people had to wrap up warm or build fires to stop from freezing. We are in Russia so it does fit the theme of the game. Just an idea


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Run around for a bit, you get hot, then overheating, then its very difficult to get your character back to just hot, let alone at a safe ambient temperature. Just my experience though, may change once this character dies and i respawn?

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Don't sprint everywhere. Just do the standard trot. Sometimes a character spawns with issues such as: Starves way too fast, Gets hot too much, is always thirsty. It could just be character related bugs.

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take off clothing, don't wear a winter coat in the middle of the day, leave 4 slots in your backpack to store your winter coat and wear a 4 slot tshirt.

some server especially exp server testing sometimes different things. they can change temperature, no body get cold at night but hot at day. it has to be summertime ;)

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Did some tests and confirmed the red overheating message is not responding logically. Wet clothes, sitting, lying or swimming in a pool with or without clothes has no efect on the red warning. You just get many more red warnings and the occasional conflicting "I am radiply cooling" message. 4 or 5 minutes of not moving seemed to be the only fix for the red message. Wearing damp clothes while waiting seems to have no effect.

For the Hot message, removing some clothing seems to allow you to cool slowly even while continuing to run.

This may screw up the intended purpose of the new rainfall.