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Toplohiki slow down and request for -noPause to be made available.
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On a 4Gig Win 7, the Toploniki region has some severe slow downs (map transitions?) which can force a player to log out when the tick rate falls well below unity. Flush does not help under these circumstances and the game even fails to detect that the left shift button is being held down when attempting to get a flush. Unfortunately logging out can add more problems because logging in while in this area tends to result in a server ping kick due to the extremely long loading time with a tick rate below unity.

Having the character with the deformed arms, missing weapons and inappropriate sound effects loading texture files on top of the game loading can result in the tick rate falling below unity (particularly if you refresh the server search a few times).

I am seeing plenty of players getting ping kicked on entry and I am quessing they are on 4Gig rigs like me.

You could help us and help yourself by getting rid of that damned animation and its texture files... Please.


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This is an issue with 32 bit versions of windows. It can only use 3 GB of your 4GB RAM (check rightclick computer -> properties -> RAM: 4GB (3GB usable)).
In certain areas and over time DayZ needs huge amounts of RAM which can be a problem, especially when other programs are running in the background.
Try freeing physical RAM or upgrade to 64bit Windows.

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Thanks qsek. This one turns out to be due to the progressive memory leak which BI has now acknowledged. It is about 200MB when it is like this and the Steam diagnostic that runs afterwards leaks another 300MB worth. The only fix is to restart Win. I think the Steam leak has also been acknowledged now too.

I have disabled as much resident stuff as Win will let me but these leaks are massive percentages, so its up to BI to fix those.