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No Zombies in Game .58
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Played about a full day of DayZ and Ive been around and played a while to know where I see zombies. Just couldn't find anything in particular about zombies being removed yet or now. But I have been from Cherno to Zelenogorsk then onto Vybor area , NW, Lopatino etc. Not a single one.


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Now when you mention it I haven't seen an infected either lol.

I've only come across a big group of cows in Exp.

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Likewise. No zombies but my cows were a frozen deer herd.

no bug, its the way how the devs test the experimental. last time, the coretest wasnt zombie_ai

Hi Dayz_Thorn,

At the moment the amount of infected have been cut way down due to performance issues. Don't worry though, they'll be back in larger numbers later on during development.