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keep getting new character when i join a new server
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Oke, i had some good gear and i logged off because i needed to go away. i start playing again later and find out that my character is gone. so i go in a other server and i get again a new character. each time i join a server i get a new character


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Think this is probably related to the DDOS attack on the central hive.

the joining a server and getting a new character is fixed, but my gear is gone is there any way te retrieve it?

I don't think so. Mine and friends character has been wiped too thanks to the DDoS attack, but after few minutes we got our characters back. So it might returned only to some players.

I am still getting a new character every time I log into a server. I have yet to get any character back.

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i got the same problem. lost 3 characters now - just by logging in.

Hi dragonkils,

This is due to a set of current ddos attacks that we've been hit with. The team is aware of the situation and are working on mitigating the attacks.