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Longhorn glitched, invisible in inventory, equipped but invisible, drops when items are used
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I tried to picked up a longhorn, and it never entered my inventory properly. Then as I continued to play I wasn't able to interact with many objects as though I had an item in hand, although I had no item in hand.

Then, when opening food or eating food the longhorn would suddenly appear as though I dropped it. I would not pick it back up. Then, it would somehow be invisible equipped again and prevent me from interacting with certain items and was dropped again when I opened a can of food.


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I had a similar problem with the longhorn but on 57. I had it in inventory and started to pick up some medical supplies. As I did this the longhorn disappeared from inventory but was still in the hotbar. When I pressed the hotbar button it equipped it in my hands. When I pressed the hotbar button again it dropped it on the ground.

Upon reconnecting after the server rebooted, the longhorn was in hand. I dropped it so, we'll see if it happens again.

This happened to me with a derringer