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Accelerated time config not being honoured
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Extended time is not applying correctly.
Please see current server config:

As you can see the server is set to start time 0700 hours with 3x time multiplier.

now please see a view of server browser showing current server time (this was taken at 2050GMT+1
As you can see from this the server time is 14:36.

The server last restarted at 1700GMT+1 so there has been 230mins since restart (realtime).
With a 3x multiplier this would mean 690mins should have passed in game, therefore the game time should be 18:30.

I have re-applied and restarted server a couple of times.
I can confirm game-time is being set correctly to 0700 on restart.

Fragnet have confirmed (?) that 3x is set in cfg file.


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Apply 3x time accel to Fragnet server control panel.

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Fragnet server :

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Ok I've checked and at least on Fragnet server the config is broken as follows:
Set 3x in control panel - get 2x time in game
Set 4x in control panel - get 3x time in game
Set 5x in control panel - get 4x time in game

Is this you guys or Fragnet?

Hi Dew,

Thanks for putting this to our attention.

During internal testing the multipliers did work as intended, but we'll have a go at the Fragnet servers and see what comes up during investigation.


Dew added a comment.Jul 13 2015, 10:48 PM

Thanks - I have had a ticket in with Fragnet since 01/07 about this but unfortunately they are useless. They just suggested waiting for the next patch or their old favourite - reinstall the server.
Although the testing we did earlier suggested that the above 'rule' were working it seems like it has a mind of it's own right now.
We tried to set a 4x period of 4 real hours (so 16hr in-game period) but it didn't work (we set 5x).
It is currently set to 3x in their control panel - the current session has been up for ~106mins and the in game time is currently 10:14 which is 194mins since the 0700 ingame start time - so as you can see it isn't 2x or 3x or anything really!

Have you been experiencing the same issue now in 0.58?