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Healing/Healthy status didn't show up until injured, even with multiple re-logs and server resets
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Had the same character in 0.58 experimental for 4 or 5 days.

When I first spawned and finally got my character to bright green "Energized" and "Hydrated", I never got the "Healing" or "Healthy" status indicators like I used to. I assumed this was just a change in 0.58.

Over the course of the last few days, I re-logged about a half-dozen times and the server (DayZ US Central 0-2) appeared to restart may times as well, but I never got the "Healing/Healthy" status, even though I was almost always bright green hydrated/energized.

Finally, today, I ran into an infected who hit me a few times. He didn't draw blood, but the screen flashed like I was hit and the noise was made. After I got away, I looked at my status and finally, I was "healing" and then after a while "healed".

I'm opening this as a new bug because it may be different than the ones where re-logging updates the status.


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Update - Typical workaround when I see this (and I still do see it on the latest 0.58 experimental as of Aug-06) is that when I'm bright green Energized and Hydrated without seeing "Healthy" or "Healing" is to take off my shoes and take a few steps until the "My feet are sore" message appears. That apparently triggers the "healing" and then "Healthy"

Note: I don't know that I'm actually unhealthy, but may the "healthy" indicator is only showed after a period of healing.

You start healthy, so I imagine that it doesn't update the status unless you lose health first.