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No SVD and M4 after Server-Hotfix for Loot
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Hello devs,
after you bring out the hotfix for the loot in stable 0.57 there is no SVD and no M4 spawning.
We were now over 120 Server we never saw on any Opponent or on the heli-crashs any SVD or M4.


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For now sprayer how run in the oppnents and shot arround in the air, the game is very boring to Play this game.
The mosin is not good without the Long range. The zoom of the scope it here the importent part. It makes no sence to calibrate the PU to 1400 but have a zoom to 400m.
In the same way we are unable to find a SVD.
Sorry that I am a cautious man who prefers argiert in the background, as in the amount runs. I don't like to shot 5 or more times on an Opponent. I wait for the golden shot

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The SVD is spawning. It's just very very very rare...
Found the SVD on a russian Crashsite. The Mag was in a Military Tent

I can confirm the SVD is spawning. I just killed a guy and took one off his body.

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very very very very by more then 120 Server at the heli-crashes is not balanced :S
For me i give up to search for this weapon. The rarity is disproportionate to the spawning weapon and the time you have to spend for it