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Server aimstarZ Dayz (PUBLIC) Kicks whoever joins Plus admin adds you and asks for money.
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This server:

with the owner/admin with name .#n4p[!]^ kicks whoever joins the server and added me saying "please stop joining" and asked me for money to play on hisserver.
Please check this 2 Steam screenshots to see the guy Asking for money To play on his server (PUBLIC)


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Steps To Reproduce

1): Join
2): Admin kicks you
3): Admin adds you
4): Admin asks for money
5): ???
6): Profit

Additional Information

Please do something this is disgusting...

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even if it's wrong, this has nothing to do with profit...
The Truth ist, that over 50% of the servers are crap because of admins.

Myself have also a server, and seriously I also ask for money (not active but on the messages of the day) for the simply reason, that I couldn't run it on my own.
But kicking and banning is against the rules... I really hope they get somehow stopped...

This is not very kind of them, i know.
But this is bad behavior of a person, not of the game. The feedbacktracker should be used for bugs and errors related to the game. There are plenty of servers with nice admins. use some of those instead.

Hi Rosky,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. I'll contact the server GSP and inform them so that they can investigate further.


Hi Rosky,

I tried connecting to that server a couple of times, and I did not get kicked. However, in case this starts happening again, please submit a new ticket with the kick message, and we'll contact the GSP right away.