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Server crashes every time i kill a guy.
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Since after the 0.57 patch i've have had alot of servers crash due to me killing other people. Literally like a second after I kill someone the server crashes. It's way to fast to be a admin abuser (resetting after dying). It has occured with multiple people on different server. I've been playing alongside my friends, and it only happens when i'm the one killing people. I have not tried after the recent maintenance on wednesday. Thought I would report this bug seeing I cant even play the game properly.


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I am not sure excactly how to reproduce this bug, but whenever previously 9/10 times I've killed someone the server crashed.

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Hi johannkjerstad,

Would it be possible for you to create a video that shows the servers crashing once you shoot someone?

Also, once it happens, could you note down the server ip + port numbers as well as your local time please?


Hi again!

Okay, so now i got in touch with my friend and got him to run all the way to me just to kill him. I recorded it all and the server crashed again.

Here's the video of how it went down.

Server info:

Occured at 23:37 (ish) CEST.

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boah this is really weird :-/ and why it's happening only to you...? did you try with some other gun?

Thanks for the video and the server info. We'll have a look and see what we can dig up from the server logs.

I haven't tested another gun, no. Could probobly try later.

Alright cool, looking forward to what you can find.

While the guys have a look at the server logs, could you send me a link to your Steam profile as well please? Then I can check and see if there's maybe something odd in your character data.

That's correct, thanks! I checked your character data, but nothing really seemed out of order.

Still, I have created a new copy (same character model, same gear) of your character. Would it be possible for you to check if the issue persists please? Also, would you be able to check if servers crash if you kill players on private servers?