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I changed server and lost everything
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I was playing with my friend looting for more than 10 hours and when we changed servers we lost everything and we demand our things back my gamer tag is ObamaBinPutin his name is DoomMachine and here is the list what we lost
2 M65 jackets
2 Smersh Vests with backpacks
1 M4A1 with every attachemnt and 7(60 round STANAG)
1 AUG with every attachment
2 Ammo boxes
1 SVD with 10 Round magazine
2 hunting backpacks
1 Summer hunting pant
1 TTSKO pant
2 Blackskull balaclavas
1 Grenade
1 flashbang
these are the main things we lost and if you don't give our things back we are really sorry but we are not going to play DayZ again because it is not the first time this happened to us so please help us we love the game but we are loosing hope right know please give us our hope back.Thank you for your time.


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Calm down, you didn't lose your stuff. try going back to the original server you were on and i will bet it is all back.
(also remember that every time you play you click "I understand" when it tells you there WILL be bugs and you can lose gear and characters)

its all down to server settings.
some will be private some will be public, some will have persistence on or off (not working atm)
this affects how the character is spawned.

say you loot up on a server on a private hive. then go onto any other server that is private all your gear will be there.

if you then go to a public server you will get a new character (if you loot up that character then that gear will be available on any server with the same public settings). so essentially you have 2 stored characters.

if its not a private hive and you lost all gear. welcome to dayz ALPHA. this is normal.

EDIT: most of your staff can be found in 20 minutes at the current 0.57 loot table

no i wasn't in a private server it was the the games fault i'm totally sure.And i want some help to go to game again you should help us we love your game and we know it is still in alpha but if you can help us it will be great because we are loosing our hope in DayZ. And we want to have fun we worked too much and now everything is gone and we don't have time to do the same looting every day we can't jump in action without looting. Please help us DayZdev.

So you were in a public server.
losing gear and characters is common in public servers. the devs have more important things to do than trawl through user files replacing lost items (that would be literally all they had time to do if they did)

"we are really sorry but we are not going to play DayZ again because it is not the first time this happened to us"

if losing gear and 10 hours of play bothers you that much in an Alpha game you agree to play every time bugs and all then you should follow your own advice tbh

Come back to the game later when it is more stable.