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.45 ammo, normal sewing kits and batteries are not spawning or are extremely, extremely rare. Also I can't find gloves
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I've found 1911s,FNXes and their corresponding mags, but not a single .45€ cartidge outside mags and weapons.

Nor I cannot find any batteries, so holosights that requires one are useless.

Also in the last patch I could find gloves almost everywhere. Now, nowhere.

Also VSS + mag, Red 9 + attachments and barrels are not apparently spawning. Can you confirm this?


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Same here on our server. +1

I've been finding gloves in these sheds:

I'm pretty sure you're right about batteries and .45 ACP boxes.

Hicks said last week that the UMP 45, VSS, and Red9 are not in Stable, yet.

I agree. No batteries, no 45ACP.

Have found gloves and sewing kit

But not found any batteries or boxes of .45 rounds (Only mag's.)

Same, getting real sick of the lack of ammo.

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Still persists on 0.58 Exp for 0.45 ACP ammo - it spawns only in mags, not separately (neither boxed nor loose).