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Hacking is worst then ever in 0.57
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been killed by hackers 2 times in 2 days now, you really need to deal with it.. Been spending the entire day gearing up after being killed by another hacker last night who shot me through the wall.. Tonight 2 friend and me, all fully kitted are inside a house with front door locked.. we are about to stop and just as i log out, my friend is killed through the door that was locked, and me and the other mate who had just logged off before he was shot, we log on another server and we are dead as well.. There is no way anyone could have shot us, locked door and no windows.. u need to fix this God mode hack!!!


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Hi equeone,

There will most likely be different hack/cheat tools which will enable players to use this kind of behaviour, but don't worry, development of BattlEye continues alongside development of DayZ.