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No loot after restart
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Vilayer were doing work over the weekend to sort out persistence and loot respawning. Before this loot was respawning fine, but at the 8pm GMT restart (first restart after their maintenance), there would be absolutely no loot at all on both servers.

Today they said they have reverted their changes though, so will keep an eye on loot at the next restart.


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just tried to manually reset persistence ufter update of vilayer.
Cherno Police station with no loot at all, after reset there was one paper and a medical item, that's it. so something spawned, but I guess it's still not working how it should... but I think this should be a ticket by vilayer and not here:-/

I just put it up after the Tweet from the DayZ Dev account asked for reports of servers with no loot respawning. Loot could manually be reset yea, but loot still not respawning as it should have been after a reset.

Hi Harrysoon,

Thanks for putting this to our attention.

We'll perform an investigation (on both servers of course) together with the GSP and see what we come up with.