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hungry status does not update after eating
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on random occasions the hunger status wont update after eating, re logging solved the issue.


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confirm this issue @ Windows 8.1 Pro and DayZ 0.57

Just another data point from me as I'm not certain whether they've isolated the cause or not.:

Statuses were updating and then stopped reflecting updates.
(DayZ 0.57 stable - Windows 7 64-bit)

Statuses were updating, most recently as I wandered into a pond and got wet and then cold.

I built a fire, but never saw messages that I was warming up. I checked temperature and I was over 38 degrees. I was also eating food and never got the "Stuffed" indicator.

Upon re-logging, I was "overheating" and "stuffed".

I am seeing this issue on Puhdado, KDWolf77, and TheLonelyPatriot's stream right now. Puhdado spawned in, 4 minutes later he was red starving, Patriot was having the same issue where hungry rapidly went red.

Another bug they've noticed is after eating several cans of food, the hunger status is stuck. The only solution to this is to logout of the server then re-log back in.

All three of them mentioned that yesterday they noticed this issue too.

Issue was brought up June 3rd in ticket #25147 and was marked "Resolved" by Geez. Seems like the bug is back.