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Lying prone and firing generates pop-up - No entry for CfgRecoils.recoil_prone
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I was lying prone and firing the "Amphibia S" .22 pistol and the following pop-up message appeared.

"Confirmation of Changes

No entry


Subsequent re-chambering and firing did NOT yield the pop-up message. However, I suspect if I shut down the client entirely and tried to reproduce, it would happen again.


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Upon restart of client, lying prone, and again firing the Amphibia S, the pop-up re-occurred on the first shot (but not on subsequent shots).

This seems to be reproducible every time now on the first prone shot with the Amphibia S after restarting the client.

*Note: This is when looking down sites

**Note: Client does not crash or exit. Just a pop-up.

***Note: Also attempted to reproduce by restarting client, lying prone, and firing a P1 with an improvised suppressor. It did not reproduce. Then I tried the Amphibia S again and it did reproduce. It appears to be isolated to the Amphibia S.

[Update] - Apparently it does this the first time each session I fire the Amphibia S, regardless of being prone or standing.