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Servers going down constantly and extreme lag
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After playing for only 15-20 minutes, every server I went on would give me the "No message received" pop up. Which I understand means the server is going down. I would switch servers, only to have the same thing happen within minutes of joining.

Also, every server I played on had extreme lag. Which I've never experienced before. I have reduced my settings to improve my experience with no problems until tonight.


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You might need to provide some examples of servers. From my experience, stability has been top notch with this update - I've been able to play for 2 hours without the server restarting.

When you experience lag, is it rubberbanding or inability to interact with items? (pick up loot, open doors, etc...)

It may have been the servers I chose had issues. Right before I would get the "no message received..." pop up, I couldn't open doors or select things in inventory.

It's sometimes hard to remember which servers I was on. The history tab doesn't always match. Sometimes I would take note of the server name, and then after leaving I would check History but not find the last server I was on. Don't know why.

I'm playing more tonight. I will see if I can find the servers I had issues with.

If the server is down, it won't show on history. I would keep track of the servers you are playing on next time - I think the loading screen shows the IP and name also?

I voted your issue up so hopefully someone sees it.

Ok, thanks. I'll take note of the IP address and name of the servers I play on tonight.

I have been getting the same "no message recieved for "x" seconds. I own my own server and it didn't reset or crashed on me, I just logged back in and kept playing. I still get the "no message recieved for "x" seconds" on my server and may others as well.

Next time it happens just log back in to the same server, unless it really did reset at its reset time.

I played last night with no issues. To be honest, I think this is the best patch so far. I'll start a new report if I experience any bugs or problems.

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had this "no message..." thing too.
for me its fixed when i shut my webbrowser (opera) while i play, no more "no message..." since i do that, before opera was almost in the background open with the chernarus map

I don't run any browsers while playing DayZ. Sometimes I have teamspeak running to talk with others. And Steam is running. But I use my iPad for map viewing.

Hello vfxtodd,

We've received very few server crash reports, so at the moment, this is most likely due to admins restarting servers (or servers restarting according to schedule).

However, if you run into servers which restart/crash very often, then please report these servers in individual tickets.