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[SUGGESTION] thanks, wishes and some little suggestions
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cut out the the silly movements of sight while drinking - noone moves his eye this way when drinking, you focus STILL on a spot! especially when in a APOCALYPSE SIMULATOR SZENARIO ;)

and camera sight switch when standing on uneven ground

and please please make this grafix issue to the highest prio! thats total disturbing, have, with a good pc, fps drops when one! bigger building appears.. thats total out of control!

but so one, the zombs are getting much better and pathfinding is super and sounds are really good :)

make it a really really good game.. more!

well done til now


  • random items on gamestart - this is totally a mini thing and would make this game extreme good! maybe you could later make some types of "starters" a backpacker, a cop, a civilian, with bagpack and with non.. etc
  • make free camera mode for admin when renting a server instance! this would.. be sooo cool *hearteyes* indeed


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