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Zombies don't go through an open door
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I'm not sure this happens always or just in certain location...

Zombies not always follow you through an open door....

I ran away from an aggro in elektrochurch... (wanted to trap him hinside) when I was inside the zombie couldnt go through the open door

I've been told zombie could walk inside firestations... didnt check tough {F31978}


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That's hilarious, in 0.57 zombies follow you inside in almost every closed door and now you can't make him come inside through an open door.

i just reported this issue as well. it appears that player and zombies have opposite door animations/barriers. when doors are open for players, they are closed for zombies, and when closed for players, they seem to be open for zonbies

Yeah, I've read your ticket and I was about to post it here to suggest it. I think that's the problem for almost every door/zombie.

This bug still exists in 0.59 exp whereas infected cannot enter an open door if they are walking. So much so that I am able to stand in the open door and knock each infected dead with my fists.