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Items able to be stored in clothing items not normally usable in this manner in inventory
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When you have a container clothing item (clothing that can hold items but not normally when it is not worn i.e. jackets, jeans, vests, etc.) within your inventory but not equipped (in your backpack, etc.), items can be stored in it through a bug. You can only see the items inside it by equipping it or dropping it on the ground. This can be exploited to massively (and possibly infinitely, although I have not tested this far) to increase one's inventory space. For example a Tactical Shirt takes one slot and has four, meaning that one could potentially quadruple their storage space by utilizing this bug. See the steps for how it actually works.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have a clothing item with slots (as specified above) within your inventory but not equipped
  2. Have all spaces within your inventory before the clothing item (and sometimes after, seems inconsistent) filled
  3. Find an item to pick up that would be able to fit in the clothing item (a CR75 would fit in a UK Assault Vest, but a Cooking Tripod would not, etc.)
  4. Pick up the item by A. using the interact key in the world; B. double-clicking the item in the inventory UI; or C. clicking and dragging the item onto your character's image in the inventory UI
  5. To view the item, drop the clothing item on the ground or equip it
Additional Information

The clothing item cannot be placed back into one's inventory after being placed on the ground or equipped without emptying it completely first.

This issue used to be present in the game, and has obviously now returned in 0.57.

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Somehow I just realized and decided to update this ticket...this issue actually used to be present in the game (I forget which update it was fixed in...), but obviously now it's back.

I would like to note, that holding an empty mountain backpack and some flare guns in my mountain backpack allows me to store guns and crossbows in my flare guns, and as long as I'm not holding something in my hands, it will go into the mountain backpack I have inside my mountain backpack. This also works for clothing. Assault vests are a plenty right now, and each only takes 4 slots, but holds double that. Though permanence is broken, I get double the space to hold gear it seems with this bug. Easy to reproduce, put an empty mountain backpack inside your mountain backpack and fill up your inventory...then pick something else up and then just keep going.