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The military tent inventory is not completely accessible.
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The tent inventory is not completely visible because you cannot scroll beyond what is initially visible when entering the Military Tent's inventory GUI. This was also an issue on the .55 release.


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Enter any military Tent and open inventory menu.

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This has been posted so many times im sure the devs know. At this point I think its safe to say that they're purposely refraining from fixing this "bug". I don't think i've seen a single dev comment on any post concerning this issue which leads me to believe that they have it in place because of potential issue such a large amount of concentrated loot might have on servers or other various reasons. They're most likely acting like they don't know it exists because thats better than saying "Yes we know this is a problem and no we aren't going to fix it at this moment". Rest easy knowing that its most likely around for a reason they deem necessary and it getting "fixed" might cause unwanted stress on servers or clients.

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lucus ahaha... i confirmed :)