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Persistance still enabled - .57.128177 - Fragnet Provider
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I have a server with fragnet and as of yesterday's .57 stable release persistance is still enabled.

It also would appear that loot is NOT re-spawning when the server restarts or is restarted by me.


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Drop item on ground
Restart Server
Item remains

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Dear client,

We are currently deploying a follow-up patch that is resolving the persistence files not getting purged as intended.
Further more we would like to point out that the ability to issue #shutdown and #restart has been removed, why BEC restarts no longer are possible.
For BEC to function properly you will have to set the same password in the serverDZ.cfg (admin password) as well as the RCON password set through the available game mod on your DayZ server page, in our game panel.

Another thing we would like to point out is that Time Persistence will override any custom settings you may define, the reason being the time before the latest restart being saved and loaded - overriding anything you may configure. If you would like to set a custom time, we kindly ask you to turn time persistence off.

Persistence is currently being displayed as 'Enabled' in our config editor, it is setting the correct values even though this may be confusing.
We will be removing those options to avoid further confusion as they are currently not configurable by server administrators.

We are currently looking into adding a scheduler option in our game panel or a script alternative to BEC, we will keep you updated as we find a suitable solution.

Kind Regards,
Fragnet Networks