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You can't take any items into your hands(guns/food/..) You have to relog to fix it.
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I took my Mp5 out.Then I ran to another town.I placed the mp5 into my smersh vest then i climb up a ladder after i went down the ladder i couldn't take any items from my inventory into my hand and the server wasn't down. I had this bug 2 times in 2hours


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You has to take your mp5(idk wiht other guns) into your hand then you pack it into your vest(idk wiht other clothes) after that you climb up a ladder and down again then you cant take any items from your invetar into your hands(idk if you can pick something up) the server wansn't down.

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sry for my bad english

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  • occasionally the server and client state about the hands is different

two stories for this

  • double gunning
  • drinking a pipsi, second gun gets down automatically
  • after finished drinking, the gun stays on the ground (for the client). But the server takes gun into hand
  • that's why you cannot take anything else into hands
  • relog fixes this

  • climbing up a ladder with gun on back
  • getting another gun on the hunting stand
  • throwing down the gun from the hands
  • climbing down the ladder
  • the thrown down gun cannot be picked up and the hands are bugged
  • after relogging the thrown gun is already in the hands

so obviosly the state of hands between client and server is different

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it happens to me ... this is so booring , i have to relog any time... it happens with single gun to!