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fruits missing from game
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From 0.56 till 0.57 i haven't seen any fruit anywhere (oranges, bananas...) What is wrong with them?


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I had some berries and apples yesterday evening after update

Had the same in 0.56.
They were invisible but there. Haven't checked in 0.57.

Check possible locations randomly, you will find empty grey icon squares (=apples, bananas,...) in the inventory screen. The icons get visible if you loot them.

apples and berries are in game, i am talking about bananas and oranges etc. i haven't seen grey squares for a very long time on 0.57 exp, and yes, i am checking vicinity when in houses.

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To be honest, I dont think there should be fruit. We seem to be quite some time from the the infected outbreak. A banana or orange would be mush by now.

We should only be able to grow fruit and veg.