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Loot getting scarce with CLE - possible reason
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So, I think, that the CLE works, but because the loot is getting misplaced/moved a bit with every restart of the server, we cannot get to it. Server restart can :

  1. move it under the floor
  2. move it into the walls of buildings, or into the furniture

Devs see in the database that the items are in the game, but we don't see it. You can see this behavior clearly when police cars move, heli crashes move.

So i want to ask, do devs control item spawning in real game, or only in database?


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You're right that the dynamic events skip around a bit on server restarts, but I've not seen any evidence that loot does. In fact, the loot that spawns at dynamic events actually spawns where the chopper or police car is supposed to, even if the chopper/car is several meters away.

If your theory was correct, we would see at least some loot spawning outside of buildings, on the roads, in back yards, etc.

I think any loot you see in the floor or in walls is just a buggy loot spawn point that needs adjusting.

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I hope for a loot fix by the time 0.57 update arrives