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Battleye failed to start, keeps looping.
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When the battleye launcher comes up in CMD it shows the prompt:
"Failed to start Battleye service"
Then it attempts to install battleye and then after a while just closes.
Here is a picture of the cmd:

After it has "updated" it will try start again and then fail to start and try to update. After a while it just closes itself.


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Launch DayZ via steam.
Launch DayZ from DayZ_BE.exe

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This has been happening since DayZ 0.57 EXP #4

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I had this same issue. Deleting Battleye and verifying game cache did not correct the issue, either. The only way I've fixed it is to switch to whatever branch I'm not on at the time (Stable or Experimental) and then switch back.

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I have tried that multiple times. Still gives me the same issue.

Had the same issue. The problem was caused by my antivirus/internet security.
I stopped the antivirus/internet security, started the game and BattlEye was installed corectly, after that I could restart my antivirus again. After that it worked like before. (No need to repeat it on every start)

Hope this helps.

Hello Edwin,

For further assistance regarding this issue with BattlEye, I would recommend that you contact BE's support directly: