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Zombie camoflauge
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I think a great feature for DayZ would be the ability to temporarily camouflage your character from zombies. My suggestion would be to roll around in one of the mass graves throughout the map (you know, the holes that dead bodies seem to bubbling up from) making your character undesirable for zombies for a short while. This would be especially handy once you guys add the massive amounts of zombies you plan to at major cities and military installations. A trade off could be that you can't carry a weapon while doing your zombie imitation making you vulnerable to other players. So it would be easier to loot a zombie infested area for the most desirable loot, but leave you open to survivor attacks. This zombie camouflage is kinda like what they do on "The Walking Dead" where they cover themselves with gore and get ignored by zombies. Also what about players that are sick or infected with viruses? Zombies would ignore them like in "World War Z". Just some ideas that I think would add immensely to game play. Cheers!


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I think your idea is great cause we (the survivors) dont need just to kill zombies, actually we need more tricks of how they will ignore us instead of how we will avoid them.

I'm uncertain about it:
On the one hand I think that covering yourself in zombie guts or rolling around in a mass grave to camouflage yourself wouldn't fit dayz because the infected are simply infected humans (no super-human senses) and because of that they shouldn't be able to distinguish between players and infected by smell.
BUT on the other I think it would be nice if you'd be able to deceive the infected by imitating their appearance and behaviour. E.g. by having a "walk like an infected"-animation, wearing dirty, ruined stuff and no weapon like you suggested.
(But the range should be limited; if you get to close the infected should recognize you nevertheless)
In the end this could enhance PVP as well because you could deceive other players as well. (E.g. you could evade a sniper by pretending to be an infected because the sniper doesn't want to spend all the ammo on all the infected in the area just because one of then MAY be another player)