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Apple Tree's should be containers, Apple Farming is currently not engaging enough
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Apple Tree's at the very least should be treated as containers that hold 5/5 apples per tree with the tree regenerating about 1 apple every 30-40mins?

At the moment, farming apples forces you to sit in the same spot and highly discourages exploration and movement. By making them a container, the player would be forced to search around the towns for any available apple trees to pick

Along the way, he/she would be able to search through houses as they search for trees, increasing their reward rate as they go.

Towns with large apple farms would be seen as high priority areas, possibly attracting other players to fight over the apples?


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None really, at the moment I think everybody wants to see Apples physically shown on the tree itself but I imagine that itself will take a lot of time to work on.

The Container Idea is a quicker (temp?) solution and would definitely make a difference in farming for me, especially with how scarce food is in .57

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I like the idea for the same reasons you mentioned. But I think it would be a bit too easy if you could grab all the apples on a tree at once in no time.
(As a solution the apples could appear one after another, with a pause of like 10 sec)